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Usage of Buildings

Commercial For business owners.

If you own your own business with its own facility, it is imperative that you routinely check your building for energy loss, moisture intrusion, and other maintenance issues that could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Fortunately, BuidScanIR™ offers many different services to help you accurately and efficiently pinpoint problem areas in your building.

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Industrial For property managers.

If you are a property manager for an industrial complex, BuildScanIR™ has many diverse services that cater to any business. From building heat loss to building air leakage and everything in between, we offer the best solution with pinpoint accuracy of problem areas. Check out the services we offer to see how BuildScanIR™ can help resolve issues with your industrial building.

Institutional For property managers.

If you are the property manager of an institutional building, BuildScanIR™ has services specifically designed to optimize performance at your facility. Whether it is predictive maintenance on low-sloped roofs or moisture intrusion hidden within the walls of your building, let us show you where the problem lies in infrared!

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Residential For renters/home owners.

If you own or rent your home, BuildScanIR™ has specifically designed services just for you. We offer moisture intrusion survey, heat loss surveys, and missing insulation surveys to make sure that your home is safe and energy efficient. Click here to see all of the services we offer for renters and home owners!